Eddie Thomas retires from Head Start after 40 years

December 4, 2015


By GRIC Head Start


Edward “Eddie” Thomas was born in 1954 and has lived all his life in Casa Blanca.  In 1975 at the age of 20, Eddie began working for the GRIC Head Start Program as a janitor. 


For 40 years Eddie worked for Head Start and would find himself with other duties than what he was hired for, such as bus monitor.  He would ride the bus with Patrick Luther and Daryl Rhodes and help pick up and drop of Head start students. Eddie worked at all four Head Start Centers, under the direction of the late Imogene Osife, Phyllis Antone, Patricia Foster, Christa Caamano and now Acting Director Patricia Valenzuela. 


Eddie has seen many staff come and go, but there are a few who have stayed to work at Head Start during these 40 years, such as Eunice Twitchell, Head Start Teacher; Patrick Luther, Family Services Advocate; Clyde Antone, Bus Driver for District 4; and Starleen Somegustava, Cultural Specialist.  All in all, Mr. Eddie has been a very dedicated worker and will be greatly missed.