GRBC TV is already one year old

April 15, 2016


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Gila River Broadcasting Corp.


What is GRBC TV? The Gila River Broadcasting Corporation: the first Native owned and operated low-power commercial television station in Indian Country, with programming in both English and O’otham.


Who is GRBC TV? Staff includes: Yvonne Garcia - District 4, GRIC, Production Coordinator; Paul White - Urban Member, GRIC, Media Editor; Zachary Redbird - District 7, GRIC, Assistant Video Editor; and David Johnson - Urban Member, GRIC, Videographer. You might see GRBC staff filming at local events. Maybe you already have! These events are recorded and played back on the station, both for historical purposes and to allow those who were unable to attend the event to experience it. Our main goal is to serve as a means of outreach to tribal members throughout all seven districts of Gila River, to aid in preserving our culture and traditions, as well as our language.


GRBC TV is FREE, no fee or subscription is needed to receive the channel. A television and a digital antenna is all you need! If you reside on or very near to the Community, you can find us on the following channels: Maricopa, channel 19; Stotonic, channel 29; Blackwater, channel 21. We encourage tribal members, departments and entities to watch GRBC TV for cultural content, language lessons, public safety information, educational programming, health and wellness advice, local news, upcoming events, and even children’s programming!


On the one-year anniversary of our initial broadcast, we here at GRBC would like to take the time to thank the Community for tuning in. Along with our partner FNX: First Nations Experience, we hope we have been able to inform and enrich the lives of Community members through the power of our very own over-the-air television broadcasting. Our focus on programming by and for indigenous peoples and our efforts to produce local content right here in the Gila River Indian Community have been well received, and we hope to share even more local events with you in the near future. So whether you’ve been watching for the past year, the past month, or maybe just now tuning in, thank you for watching GRBC TV!


If you have information you’d like to be displayed on GRBC TV, feel free to contact us via email at, or call (520)796-8848. To request filming of a local event, please contact the Production Coordinator, Yvonne Garcia at You can also find more information online at Spread the word about GRBC TV with #GilaRiverTV on Twitter, or Like our page on Facebook at