Wellness Camp Testimonial

August 5, 2016


Gayle Sunna

Gila River Indian Community


Here is a great story from Gila River District 5 resident, Gayle Sunna:


“I had reached my all-time heaviest and I wasn’t feeling good. I also have a Hypothyroid condition. According to the doctors, all my levels were fine and that I should be fine. But I wasn’t fine and I knew it was my weight.


For years I have tried to lose the weight, but I never had long term success. So as I started my journey. I was clueless as to where I was going to start. And then I saw a flyer for this class and I thought maybe I could get some help from this.


And that is where my journey began. I attended 2 classes the first year and that’s where I met Stephanie with FitnessFest. She was an inspiration to me from the beginning and I thought if she could do this, then so can I.


And 30 pounds lighter later, I can’t wait for Stephanie to see me this Saturday at the next Wellness Camp!”