In loving memory of Yvonne Jose (1984-2015)

As I sit in my cell thinking of you, you make my heart skip a beat drifting on a memory under the night sky twisting on the tunes, “Love and Happiness” by the Al Green, dedication of the Art Laboe show, I wish on you my night star woman to carry my sorrows away as the sun goes down. I smile with so many frowns my heart is broken. I feel the emotional pain of defeat, taste the swell of hopelessness. They say the longest river is the river of tears but tears won’t mend my heart or cleanse my soul. I cry myself to sleep, tears on my pillow, pain in my heart because you’re not by my side. I’m looking for redemption just afraid to say the name so caught up in pretending mile upon mile got no direction, negating reality afraid to seek and accept the truth, I’m looking for a happy ending, all I’m looking for is you. Until we meet in another realm, you’re my star in the sky, I’m your man behind the moon saying that I love you, so I will tell the world how I feel about you, that’s just the way it has to be, forever 1-4-3, may you rest in peace.

Elmer Miller “Jr.”