JOM Advisors host farewell breakfast for Coolidge seniors and CAP students

July 1, 2016


Submitted by Terry Willis

GRIC JOM Student Advisor


On Thursday May 12 Coolidge Johnson-O’Malley Student Advisors provided a farewell breakfast for 26 graduating seniors from Coolidge High School and Coolidge Alternative Program. Students gathered together with the JOM Team and were joined by special guest speakers Isaac Salcido, GRIC Tribal Education Director, and members of Education Standing Committee. Mr. Barnaby Lewis provided an opening blessing and also sang a song.


Mr. Salcido congratulated all the students and wished them well on their new journey. He explained to the students the importance of education and going to college.


Education Standing Committee Chairman Mr. Arzie Hogg spoke to students and shared that they have a great opportunity here with the tribe. He also spoke on a personal level and shared some of his own life experiences with students and told students never to give up.


Mr. Joey Whitman, ESC Vice Chairman, also congratulated all the students and shared whatever you do work hard at it! Mr. Whitman stated life can be difficult sometimes but to press on and don’t stop after High School.


Junior-Senior JOM student Advisor Ms. Terry congratulated students and shared that she was very proud of each of them and spoke from her heart. She stated it has been quite exciting watching these students all the way from middle school and now graduating high school. She stated some students faced many challenges but overcame them. Ms. Terry stated each senior was confident and had a direction and vision in place.


JOM student Advisors- Nikko Davis, Jerry Curley and Richard Blackwater CAP Student advisor, also congratulated students. Ms. Terry spoke on behalf of JOM Coolidge team. I felt students had much success with many highlights throughout the year. Principal Dawn Dee Hodge also gave a closing statement and gave congratulations to all students and shared how excited she was for each of them. Ms. Hodge added students worked very hard.


After guest speakers concluded students ate a homemade breakfast and got to participate in a drawing with raffle prizes from JOM advisors.   Barnaby Lewis gave the closing blessing.


Congratulations once again class of 2016!!