Thank you letter from Gila River Stands With Standing Rock

On behalf of the Organizers of the Gila River Stands with Standing Rock Donation Drive and Rally, we would like to extend a heartfelt thanks and appreciation to first and foremost the People of the Gila River Indian Community and everyone that made donations to the Standing Rock Sioux Nation.


The donation drive and rally that was held was a huge success and we are grateful and proud to be a part of a Community that is willing to Stand up together and help our Sisters and Brothers of Standing Rock during their struggle to protect their water.


The strength of our Community shined and showed everyone what great things can be accomplished by coming together as a Community. We would like to recognize and thank Elisia Manuel of the Three Precious Miracles Non-Profit Organization.


Her compassion to help others and quick response to support this effort by organizing and opening up TPM doors for donations made this drive a success, this would not have been possible without her support.


Thank you to our local Band Two Rivers who donated their talent and time to provide entertainment during the Rally. Thank you to the Rhodes Family who donated the first U-haul truck and the Executive Office who donated the 2nd truck that was needed to haul the donations to North Dakota.


Thanks to Diane Lewis and Family for providing coverage at the donation, popcorn and snow cone tables throughout the Rally. Thank you to Sunna Family who was able to donate water and provide food at a short notice.


We would like to also thank those that came out and helped sort and organize donations, unload vehicles that were dropping donations off and those that loaded, unloaded, and reloaded the uhaul truck.


This was proven to be the most difficult and strenuous tasks of the night but with the dedication and manpower of those that were there that night it was completed.


To all those workers a big THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts we appreciate each and every one of you that came out to help.


We are currently in the process on getting everyone that helped out at the rally and those that donated water a tshirt but due to the overwhelming response we have had to place additional orders.


Please contact TPM Office at (520) 562-1078 if you have any questions on tshirts.


Much love, thanks, and appreciation to each and every one of you that helped because without you this would have not been possible!!