Veterans, do you know the importance of having your DD 214?

October 21, 2016


Submitted by AmeriCorp

Gila River Indian Community


Let’s start from the beginning...


What is a Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD 214)?


A certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD 214) is the separation papers, or discharge papers from the beginning of a Veteran’s service until the end of their service.


You need a DD 214 to get started on receiving any services from the Veteran Affairs (VA) such as claims, pensions or compensation cases. If your families don’t have your DD 214 when you pass, they won’t be able to get a headstone from the VA. Finally, if you have your DD 214, you can use it to get a bunch of free food on Veteran’s Day!


We hope you already knew how important these papers were. Yes, we know life happened and you might have misplaced or lost your papers. Maybe there was a flood last monsoon and they got ruined, or maybe when you came out of the service you didn’t pay attention to the big “THIS IS AN IMPORTANT DOCUMENT. SAFEGUARD IT” at the top of the document and threw it away with your old gas receipts.


Whatever the reason, if you don’t have your DD 214, we want to help you get it.


So come see your local AmeriCorps Representative to start the process to get your DD 214.


If you already have a DD 214, make sure it is on file with the Community or make sure your family knows where to find it in case of emergencies.


We care that you’re prepared!