GRIC announces water conservation partnership

April 11, 2017


Communications & Public Affairs Office

Gila River Indian Community


Agreement to work together on groundwater storage, water conservation efforts will help Lake Mead water level, drought relief strategies statewide


Phoenix City Mayor Greg Stanton visited the Gila River Indian Community to sign a cooperative water agreement with Gila River Governor Stephen Roe Lewis on March 15.


Stanton said the Community and the city are partners in making water accessible to urban centers and rural communities throughout the state.


The agreement is part of a collaborative effort by the Community, Arizona Department of Water Resources, and the Walton Family Foundation to help alleviate declining water levels at Lake Mead.


According to a Community press release Gov. Stephen Lewis said, “[This] agreement is an important step to continue cooperative efforts to help slow the falling elevations at Lake Mead.”


In adding the Community’s support to the agreement, Lewis said it is about building a conscious effort around water conservation.


Stanton expressed his appreciation for the Community’s cooperation. In the agreement he said it is critical that Phoenix and the Community work together to create a more sustainable future for generations to come.


The Walton Family Foundation, which is a philanthropic organization committed to building a more sustainable environment, expressed interest in preserving Lake Mead and the Colorado River.


The foundation, which brings awareness to the health of the Colorado River, sees the agreement as an important step toward developing a sustainable water management plan for the Colorado River basin that flows into Lake Mead.


Stanton said the partnership is about Phoenix and the Community building a common interest for a more stable water future for the state of Arizona.


“It is through water system conservation that we can protect Lake Mead in the long run and to ensure resiliency of our Colorado River supplies,” said Stanton.


Ultimately the goal is to help provide long-term sustainability of the Colorado River Basin, which provides water to several municipalities throughout the Southwest.


It also is part of a broader initiative to develop a drought contingency plan to address water shortage needs through the state of Arizona.