Community Council certifies candidates for the Sept. 19 primary

August 4, 2017


GRIN Staff

Gila River Indian News


During the First Regular Monthly meeting of the Community Council meeting at the Gila River Governance Center in Sacaton, Tribal Council officially certified the candidates for the 2017 Primary Election on August 2.


Running for Governor are Gov. Stephen Roe Lewis, Lt. Gov. Monica Antone, District Five Council Representative Franklin Pablo, Sr., and former GRIC Gov. Richard P. Narcia.


The candidates, who were certified to run for lieutenant governor, are: David Anderson, Robert Stone, District 5 Council Representative, Carolyn Williams, District 3 Council Representative, Sandra Nasewytewa, former District 6 Council Representative Christopher Mendoza, former District 4 Council Representative Brian E. Davis Sr., former District 5 Council Representative Merry Kris Kyyitan and Barney B. Enos Jr., District 4 Council Representative.


Below is a list of candidates that will be running for Chief Judge and Associate Judge:


Chief Judge

Donna Kisto Jones

Anthony James Hill

Joseph Manuel Eagleheart

Associate Judge

Sheri L. Cassa

Lucille Antone-Morago

Dallas De Lowe

Debbie A. Ochoa-Mercado

Garren Manuel

Janice Breckenridge

Victor Antone

Lawanda Pablo

Melody Parsons

Lucinda M. Nez


Now that the candidates have been certified, Community members will have an opportunity to vote for their next tribal leaders during the primary election that will be held on September 19, with the exception of the Candidates running for Associate Judge that did not meet the required amount of candidates; they will be placed on the ballot for the General Election in November.