GRPD looking for volunteers for Officer Reserve program

February 17, 2017


GRIN Staff

Gila River Indian News


The Gila River Police Department is looking for volunteers to join its Reserve Officer program. The volunteer Reserve Officer program allows Community members, and non-members, the opportunity to take part in the day-to-day duties as a police officer at GRPD and help serve the Gila River Indian Community.


Unlike GRPD’s Volunteers In Policing (VIPs) program that allows volunteers to take part in non-confrontational duties like funeral escorts, administrative work, and parking control, the Reserve Officer program enables volunteers to participate in the same duties as a GRPD officer, like taking calls of service, conducting investigations and making arrests.


GRPD Sgt. Paul Maroney said the role, while non-compensated, is a fully sworn position that is open to Community members and former police officers who have left GRPD or another police department in good standing.


“The reserve officer will do everything a full capacity officer does,” said Maroney. “So, when the reserve officer reports for duty and there is a call for service like a domestic disturbance, the reserve officer will respond as a primary officer, or a back-up officer, and assist. If there is a vehicle collision, a DUI, or shots fired, the reserve officer will respond just like a regular full time police officer.”


He added that the position is geared towards individuals who were previously police officers or Rangers. These former officers may currently have other jobs or careers, but still want to serve the Community as a police officer, he said.


Because the level of responsibility for a volunteer reserve officer position is much greater than the VIPs program or Citizen’s Police Academy, the requirements are more stringent. In order to be eligible for the Reserve Officer program, volunteer applicants must have or obtain their peace officer certification.


“The program is a component of the [VIPs program], but this is the next step up,” said Maroney. “You are actually a certified sworn officer with the ability to arrest, conduct investigations, assist with traffic enforcement, and participate in continuous training,” he said.


Am I Qualified To Join The Reserve Officer Program?


If a Community member has met the minimal Arizona Peace Officer Standards and qualifications to join the Reserve Officer program, then the applicant will be eligible for a position at the Reserve Academy. At the academy, interested participants will be properly trained to be Sworn Peace Officers, and become qualified to join the Reserve Officer program and serve the Community.


“As part of the selection process the applicant will be held to the same standard of background investigation as the rest of the officers of GRPD,” said Maroney.


He said the closest location for training is Chandler-Gilbert Community College and involves an 11-month course with classes three times a week, totaling 20 hours a week.


After passing the academy, participants will receive the same certification as from any other police academy.


After receiving certification, the trainee will go through a field-training program provided by the GRPD and be trained up to a limited solo status where they can serve the Community.


If you are a Community member, who was previously a police officer or Ranger and are looking to get back on the beat to serve the Community, or if you have no experience and are interested in learning more about how to join GRPD’s Reserve Officer program, call Sgt. Paul Maroney at (520) 562-7114 or call GRIC Tribal Employment and Training at (520) 562-3388.