Quarterly Per Capita payment distribution July 31 for adults and trust accounts

July 21, 2017


Mikhail Sundust

Gila River Indian Community


The per capita payment distribution for July 31 has been announced. Adult recipients will receive $338.02 and $331.50 will be deposited into minor trust accounts.


The per capita payment amount is determined by 11 percent of net gaming revenues being sent to fund the Per Capita Office. After administrative costs, including office expenses, trust administration expenses and payments to third party vendors, and after adjustments made for previous payments, the fund is divided among eligible members.


Community members enrolled to receive per capita payments can choose to receive their distribution in the form of a Bank of America debit card, via direct deposit into their personal checking account, or via paper check.


To change the method of payment, Community members can visit the Per Capita Office in the Governance Center in Sacaton. For further questions, call (520) 562-5222.