Governor's Labor Day Message to the Community

September 1, 2017


On this Labor Day we recognize the hardworking men and women in the workforce. The Gila River Indian Community provides many jobs, and for the first time in history, we have five generations of workers all banding together to make our Community better. The workers represent the best in our values and their diligence allows us to succeed in our tribal departments and enterprises.


We honor our teachers, our public safety employees and those who work with our elders. We thank those veterans who have served their country and have now joined our ranks to bring their leadership to those important positions.


Our enterprises are also filled with dynamic and inventive staff who keep us at the forefront of gaming, hospitality, and technology.


This Labor Day is not only a time for workers, but for volunteers. Those volunteers are dealing with incredible adversity in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We pray for the victims in Texas who will now be recovering from one of the worst disasters in history. The scale of flooding is hard to imagine, but the resolve of the men and women helping those in need is truly inspiring. We also pray for the Community members who are in the Texas gulf coast and hope they remain safe.


Happy Labor Day and God Bless.


Putting Our People First

Stephen Roe Lewis

Governor, Gila River Indian Community