Remembering Dr. Douglas Price

September 1, 2017


Submitted by Sacaton Elementary School District #18


Dr. Douglas Price, long-time education leader, and former Sacaton Elementary School District Superintendent passed away Aug. 15, 2017.


He was named Superintendent of Sacaton School District in 2015 and led the District for two years. Before that, he was superintendent for Tanque Verde Unified School District.


He left a lasting legacy in Education and will be sorely missed. He is survived by his loving wife Suzanne, three children and grandchildren.


Dr. Price was recognized as a true collaborator, mentor, and innovator. A Governing Board member noted, “Dr. Price is a visionary in the field of education.”


It is evident he was dedicated to the Gila River Indian Community and providing quality education for all children.


Mr. Tim Price is working closely with the Sacaton family to honor his father through monetary donations in lieu of funeral flowers for the purchase of library books for students in his father’s memory.