GRIN student intern heads back to school

July 20,  2018


Aeneas Antone

Gila River Indian News


My time at the Gila River Indian News is coming to an end. It probably already has, by the time you're reading this. My last day at the GRIN is on July 20, 2018; However, I plan on applying at the GRIN through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Program next year. I enjoyed my time at the GRIN very much and I learned so many new things here as well.


 While I was here at the GRIN there were a lot of places to go for different events. It was always fun getting to use the camera and seeing what people talked about or the activities that were being done at the events. Doing tasks in the office were also fun because I would always be able to enjoy doing my task while talking to someone.


My coworkers taught me a lot while I interned here at the GRIN. I learned how to use the cameras, how to write articles, transcribing, what it is like to be in a work environment and management skills.


The best skill that I learned while I was here was how to talk to new people I never even met before. I used to feel very weird having to interview people for a story or working the front desk but now it just feels normal. Being an inside person, or an introvert, it was a struggle I knew I would have to overcome. However, interviewing and meeting new people everyday helped me talk to new people.


My Dad would tell me communication is one of the biggest parts of work and business and it’s true. 


During my stay at the GRIN I would go home and tell my parents all the things I did during the day. In fact, I still go home and tell them what I do on a daily basis. I realized that I love the job that I do and I want to work here longer.


Therefore, becoming a career I really look forward to doing. 

I remember being very scared on the days before I started work. I decided I had to train myself to be ready for work, mentally of course. However on my first day I was welcomed with smiles from everyone. I walked in the doors and the smiles made me feel very relaxed and like I would fit in well here.


Now I feel sad that I have to go. People keep asking, hey are you glad work is almost over? I give the same response; The response being a no and that I will miss working at the GRIN with my peers and my boss, Roberto A. Jackson.