GRPD meets with the public at the Coffee With a Cop event

July 20, 2018 


Aeneas Antone

Gila River Indian News


Elders and the Gila River Police Department came together for Coffee with a Cop at the District 2 Service Center on July 10.


Coffee with a Cop gave the police department an opportunity to interact one-on-one with people from District 2. The Police Department often meet people in times of distress so this event gave them time to talk without distractions.


Elders enjoyed a hot cup of coffee, some donuts and fruit. Although the event was mainly for elders, the doors welcomed teenagers to come in and talk to the police officers. “See Chief [Elliott] is over there really talking to [the teenagers]” said Francisco Osife, “They're really engaged with her and so I think that's the good thing for the kids.”


The relationship between the GRPD  and the Gila River Indian Community has improved throughout the years. Officer Jerrod Rosson said he has seen a “180-degree change in the last seven years.”


Osife said that putting more officers on the road has allowed GRPD to make meaningful contact within the Community. “I think putting more officers on the road was a big deal… you still have your officers responding to calls for service, but it frees up those others officers and gives them the chance to really get out and make contact with the elders, the youth, the community in general,” he said.


The event also was a chance to change people’s view of the Police Department. “I mean it made me feel good because [the police are] taking time to acknowledge people that are here” Osife said.