Crews help cottonwood

July 6, 2018


Christopher Lomahquahu

Gila River Indian News


At the base of Nui Kush (Aji Mountain) the landscape is taking a step forward, thanks to a little help from the DEQ Fuels Crew on June 12.


A grove of cottonwoods that has existed along the northern banks of the Gila River near Aji Mountain for many years was under a common threat to all native vegetation across the Community.


A familiar threat, the salt cedar, once dominated the land, but the towering cottonwood have resisted the invasive species presence in the area.


To give a little help in numbers, the fuels crew removed the salt cedar and installed cottonwood poles in their place.


A small stream of water runs through the grove, but before more cottonwood poles can be put in, small dams are created to collect water to moisten the soil.


The artificial beaver dams help facilitate the growth of cottonwood and willow trees, allowing moisture to get down to the roots.