Student intern joins GRIN for summer employment

July 5, 2018


Aeneas Antone

Gila River Indian News


Hi my name is Aeneas Antone and I am interning at the Gila River Indian News. I am 14-years-old. I attend Hamilton High School in Chandler, Arizona. I’ll be a sophomore. My parents are Willard Antone III and Natasha Antone. My father is well known around the Community and most people know him by his nickname, “Hops.”


A characteristic of mine is that I love all animals. I have one dog and two fish at home. My dog’s name is Missy and my two fish are named Abu and Swim Shady.


 My hobbies include playing games, hanging out with friends, making art through Adobe Illustrator, and spending time with my family.


 I have met so many great friends through a program I am in called Advancement Via Individual Determination or AVID. It is a college prep program that will help me get into college and help me get scholarships for college. I haven’t decided completely on the career path that I want to go down; however, I do have some ideas in mind. Depending on my decision in a career, I would either like to go to the University of Wisconsin or Arizona State University. I am deciding between a veterinarian, a writer, or a salesman as a career.


My goals are to graduate high school and get into college. Afterwards, I want to graduate from college to jump straight into my job. Some might say my goals are too big; however, I will try to achieve my goals with the support from everyone around me. I’m surrounded with people that push me to do my best and encourage me to keep trying even if I fail. After all, what’s a good life without family and friends to make you happy? Thank you for reading my biography.