Gila River Police Department Incident Logs

June 1, 2018


Gila River Police Department


Certain reports may not be available or are currently under investigation which GRPD holds the right to restrict public release.


Incident Log

May 13-19, 2018

Calls for services this week: 657 

   Arrest made: 44


District One (Blackwater):


No Incidents Involving Part 1 Crime 


District Two (Sacaton Flats): 


Robbery – The suspect committed robbery and theft at a residence in Sacaton Flats when he entered the residence and stole three television sets. The suspect assaulted the homeowner upon entering the residence and threatened to shoot the victim. The suspect was later contacted where he was arrested and booked into DRS.

Status: Suspect was booked into jail


District Three (Sacaton):


Aggravated Assault – Officers were dispatched to the hospital in reference to an assault that had occurred. The Investigation revealed that the two suspects committed aggravated assault by intentionally punching, kicking, and stepping on the victim’s face after a verbal argument. The suspects were not located as of this time and the victim was transported to an area hospital for further medical treatment. 

Status: Under Investigation

Theft– The victim contacted officers in the lobby of the police department to report the theft of a wallet. The investigation revealed the victim was at the HuHuKam Memorial Hospital when she left her wallet in the waiting room. When the victim noticed her wallet was missing she was already at her place of residence. 

Status: Under Investigation

Theft– A person committed theft by intentionally entering a vehicle and removing a purse from while it was parked at a residence. The officers were able to locate the purse and recover some of the personal belongings. Evidence was located near the found items and is currently being processed and followed up on. 

Status: Under Investigation

Weapon– Multiple calls were received in reference to shots fired at a location. The officers located spent shotgun shells which appeared to have been recently fired. The evidence was recovered and is being reviewed for further follow up. 

Status: Under Investigation


District Four (Stotonic Area): 


Aggravated Assault –Officers were dispatched to a residence on Howi Street in reference to the suspect committing aggravated assault. The suspect had removed the victim from the rear seat of the vehicle and thrown him out of the car and into the street. The suspect then fled the scene but has been identified. Officers are currently conducting follow up interviews regarding the assault.  

Status:  Under Investigation

Aggravated Assault– During a verbal argument the suspect shot the victim in the leg while he was in the bathroom. Officers are currently attempting to locate the suspect and are conducting follow ups in regards to this case.  

Status: Under Investigation

Aggravated Assault– Officers responded to a residence in reference to a report of a fight in progress. Upon the officer’s arrival the victim could be heard screaming and telling the suspect to let her go. The investigation revealed the suspect held the victim against her will and would not allow the victim to leave. The suspect pressed his forearm against the victim’s throat causing pain and discomfort while also assaulting the victim. The suspect was arrested and taken into custody where he was booked into jail. 

Status: Suspect was booked into DRS

Auto Theft– The owner of a red Altima called dispatch to report her vehicle had been taken sometime during the night. While conducting the investigation information was received advising the vehicle was at a residence in District Five. Contact was made at the residence and the officers were able to locate the suspect who was sleeping in the residence. The suspect was arrested and taken into custody. 

Status: Precious Flores was booked into DRS

Theft– The victim called dispatch to report theft of money from the residence. Contact was made with the victim who stated that while she did not see anyone take the money they suspected it was a family member.  

Status: Under Investigation


District Four (Lone Butte Area): 


Theft– Officers were dispatched to Lone Butte Casino in reference to the victim having her purse stolen while at the casino. The investigation revealed the victim was getting out of her vehicle when a female suspect walked alongside the victim and grabbed her purse. The victim yelled for help and a female and male ran after the suspect. The suspect was able to get into a vehicle but the license plate number was given to officers.  

Status:  Under Investigation

Auto Theft– Officers were dispatched to the Lone Butte area where the victim stated tools and a truck had been taken from a business. The investigation determined the suspect jumped the fence and was then observed driving a vehicle toward the gate. The gate automatically opens from the inside which allowed the suspect to leave the premises.  

Status:  Under Investigation


District Five (Casa Blanca):


No Incidents Involving Part 1 crime


District Six (Komatke):


Auto Theft – The victim was dropped off at the Vee Quiva Casino by the suspect and was told to bring the victims Volkswagen back. After several days and attempts to retrieve the vehicle the suspect refused to return the vehicle. The victim then reported the vehicle stolen and charges are being forwarded to Maricopa Attorney’s Office for charging.

Status: Under Investigation


District Seven (Maricopa):


No Incidents Involving Part 1 Crime