Gila River Indian News Welcomes Community Newsperson

April 05, 2019


Kyle Knox

Gila River Indian News


Greetings, I am Kyle Knox and I would like to introduce myself as the newest Community Newsperson to join the Gila River Indian News. I am an enrolled member of the Gila River Indian Community from District 7. I’m also part Hopi on my mother’s side, so I consider that home as well. I’m happy to join the Communications & Public Affairs Office where I will support the GRIN with my media skills.


Having graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts, concentration in Film and Media Production, I feel confident in developing stories while using my knowledge and experience behind a camera. Prior to joining the GRIN, I acquired numerous titles in various sectors including media, non-profit management, AmeriCorps and higher education.  Some of my work includes the development and creation of an agricultural curriculum with videos for Hopi youth as a consultant. 


Later, I became a Program Manager for the Hopi Foundation’s Hopi Opportunity Youth Initiative where I oversaw the programs development and implementation of many of its initial goals. In 2017 I transitioned from Hopi and moved back to the Valley. Upon return, I began a volunteer term with AmeriCorps at Arizona State University and was eventually hired with Access ASU’s SPARKS program where I served as an Educational Outreach Specialist. 


Aside from my career, my passions are for volunteering, serving and supporting youth, and advocating for equity in communities of color. I also served as a volunteer soccer coach for my niece and nephew’s soccer teams with my sister. Additionally, I also serve as a member of the National Council of Young Leaders as well as a member of Opportunity Youth United. With this work, I advocate for equity for 16-24-year-old populations that are neither in school or working.  In this role, I am one of two Native American representatives helping to bring awareness and inclusion for rural and urban Native American communities.


It is because I was raised in Phoenix most my life, I represent many communities, wear many hats, and carry various roles. Therefore, one of my biggest aspirations is to serve my people and champion my communities with integrity and fidelity. I had the opportunity to “go home” and work for my community on Hopi and I’m beyond proud to say that I’m now afforded the privilege to work with and for our Community in this capacity. I look forward to bringing my talents and experience, while learning about our Community, and keeping everyone well informed about matters that concern us most.