Use caution as monsoon storms finally arrive in the Gila River Indian Community

Emma Hughes
Gila River Indian News



Monsoon season has begun and brings in more humidity that can lead to thunderstorms, heavy rain, lighting, hail, high winds, flash floods, dust storms and extreme heat. Many of which can be very dangerous.  The monsoon season beings in June and typically lasts through September. 


With many of the hazards the season brings, it is important to stay safe and be prepared. Heavy rain can cause dangerous and even deadly road conditions due to flooding. High winds that tend to come along with the season can cause power outages and even structural damage and can be hazardous when driving. 


Learn to be safe this monsoon season. Be prepared and practice these important safety measures:

• Take shelter when you hear thunder, storms can escalate quickly stay indoors to avoid getting caught in the rain, dust and lightning. 

• Be prepared for power outages which can last hours to days (in some cases); have an emergency kit, flashlight, candles, battery operated radio, extra batteries or solar chargers for electronic devices, also keep extra food and water available.

• NEVER drive through flooded roads and washes: “Turn around, don’t drown”. 18-inches of water can carry away a vehicle and only 6-inches of water can knock down an adult.

• Do not use your electronics during a lightning storm, power surges can cause damage to your devices or even fire or electrocution.  

• Do not drive in dust storms, when caught in a dust storm, pulled to the side of the road, turn off your lights and wait it out.


The Office of Emergency Management provides coordination and support to the Community in the event of disasters. OEM can be reached at (520) 796-3755. More information can also be found online at or through their mobile app “GRIC OEM.” Through their app you’ll have access to health and emergency preparedness and more contact information.


In the event of an emergency, you may also contact your service center:

District 1 (520) 215-2110

District 2 (520) 562-3450

District 3 (520) 562-3334

District 4 (520) 418-3661

District 5 (520) 315-3441

District 6 (520) 550-3805

District 7 (520) 430-4780