Local non-profit organization works with GRIC members on their goals

Emma Hughes

Gila River Indian News


A local organization is looking to help individuals find personal success through workshops and events. Amanda Lyons is a Community member from District 3 and is the founder of 21st Century Native, a local non-profit that works with Community members on ways to better improve and achieve personal goals by providing step by step coaching and support.


Lyons started 21st Century Native after seeing the challenges most Native communities are faced with and wanted to create a way to help and support them. 


In 2016, originally starting out as a basketball program to help young athletes develop their talent and reach their goals, with the assistance of her father, Ronnie Lyons, who is also the head coach of their basketball program. Along with sports they now also provide life skills workshops for all ages.


They just wrapped up their January schedule that focused on goal setting, planning and coping with possible challenges for the new year. They currently do not have any other workshops planned for February but will be available with an informational booth at the 57th Annual Mul-Chu-Tha Fair & Rodeo. 


21st Century Native isn’t just for Community members; they are looking to reach out to other tribal communities as well and are now looking to offer one-on-one classes for anyone in need of support.


For more information on 21st Century Native, you can contact Amanda Lyons at (480) 708-9249 or 21stcenturynative.net or check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @21stcenturynative