CSD Will Begin Give Back Program

January 4, 2019 


Emma Hughes 

Gila River Indian News 


The Community Services Department will be establishing a “give back” program in this new year as part of the services they offer. Community Services Department, which includes the district service centers, provides many services that assists people who are living in the Community,  such as paying certain bills.


This service is offered by two programs: Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), tribally funded, and the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which is federally funded. These programs provide direct financial assistance for part or all of electricity, gas and in some cases water utility. In the tribal HEAP policy, there is a clause that has not yet been utilized in the Community, which would ask the recipients to take a class to earn the benefit, much like the LIHEAP policy.


After looking at the long history of assistance needed, Joanne Miles-Long, Director of Community Services Department, has expressed that it could be a great opportunity for Community members to empower themselves through these classes. “The more you know, the more you can become as an individual” says Miles-Long.


The CSD has already developed roughly six classes and activities and they are looking to partner with four programs, such as Education, Youth Council, Tribal Health, and Employment & Training to offer some of their classes that will be beneficial to the whole family.                           


Examples of why these classes may be needed and required is lack of general preventative home maintenance. The buildup of cooking grease could potentially lead to a fire, and the need for a new stove and increased home repair. Failure to change out and replace air filters for an A/C unit in the home may damage the air compressor and require a costly repairs.


The CSD plans to begin the new classes in February or later. They hope to help the Community better maintain their homes and reduce the need for assistance.

For more information on the Community Services Department and the services they provide, you can contact Joanne Miles-Long, Director at (520) 562-9694.