Gila River Police Department Incident Logs

January 4, 2019


Gila River Police Department reserves the right to restrict the release of certain reports which may not be available or are currently under investigation.



Incident Log

December 16 – 22, 2018

Calls for services this week: 719   

Arrest made:  30


District One (Blackwater):

Robbery – Officers were dispatched to the area in reference to a fight in progress. Witness reported a female being punched by a male subject. Upon the officer’s arrival multiple subjects were standing around a male sitting on the sidewalk. The female victim stated that while in a vehicle an argument ensued when the male suspect ordered the female out of the vehicle. The suspect then demanded money from the victim. The suspect directed a second suspect to get the victim. The second subject approached the victim and began to punch her while the other suspect assisted and took her purse. The suspects then fled the scene though the vehicle was located a short time later. 

Status:  Under Investigation


District Two (Sacaton Flats):

No incident Involving Part 1 Crime


District Three (Sacaton):

Aggravated Assault– Officers responded to a residence to investigate a stolen vehicle. When they arrived, the suspect was sitting in the stolen truck with the engine running. The truck was parked in a designated parking spot facing south in front of the residence. Both officers approached the driver side of the truck and observed the reverse light activate. Officers yelled STOP but the truck accelerated in reverse turning the wheel toward the officers and their units. During the course of backing up, the suspect collided with the front driver side of a patrol car. The truck then accelerated at a high rate of speed in reverse towards Cactus St. Officers responded to the area in attempts to look for the vehicle.  

Status: Under Investigation


Aggravated Assault– Officers were dispatched to the area in reference to a male subject who was in the victim’s yard with a firearm. The reporting party stated the male had placed the firearm in his jacket and walked toward Sacaton Rd. Officers located the male suspect who ran from then when they attempted to make contact. A short foot pursuit occurred ending with the officers taking the suspect into custody. During the course of the arrest the subject refused to comply and actively fought with officers assaulting them. Officers went to the area where the suspect had first been contacted and located an AR 15 style barrel. The item was impounded into evidence and the suspect was booked into DRS. 

Status: Suspect was booked into jail


District Four (Stotonic Area): 

Auto Theft – Officers responded to the area in reference to a domestic violence incident. As Officers arrived a male was observed standing near a vehicle. The subject then fled towards the back of the residence where he proceeded to leave in a vehicle. While speaking to individuals at the residence officers were advised the male subject did not have permission to take the vehicle and they wished to file the vehicle stolen. The registered owner of the vehicle was contacted and all paperwork was completed. 

Status: Under Investigation 


Aggravated Assault Officers were dispatched to a residence in reference to the suspect choking the victim. Upon the officer’s arrival it was explained the victim was involved in a verbal altercation with the suspect while in their bedroom. The suspect was yelling in the victim’s face while hovering over the victim. The suspect proceeded to strangle the victim by restricting her airway. The victim stated she was attempting to get her son’s attention and began to kick a crib while scratching at the suspects eye’s. The suspect was gone prior to officer arrival.  

Status: Under Investigation


District Four (Lone Butte Area): 

Theft (Shoplifting) – Officers were dispatched to a store in the Phoenix Premium Outlets reference to a shoplifting. Contact was made with the manager who stated a female subject stole items from a display and left the store. Video surveillance is being reviewed in efforts to identify the suspect, as she left the premises. 

Status:  Under Investigation

Theft (Shoplifting) – Officers were dispatched to a store in the Phoenix Premium Outlets reference to a shoplifting. The floor supervisor stated two females entered the store which one of them was pushing a baby stroller. The female with the stroller grabbed a sweatshirt and placed it on the handle of the stroller. The female pushed the stroller behind the clothing rack where she is observed rolling the item up and stuffing it into another bag. The females then exited the store without paying for the merchandise. 

Status:  Under Investigation

Theft – Officers were dispatched to the Lone Butte Mc Donald’s in reference to a theft of a wallet. Contact was made with the victim, who was a security guard for the Industrial Park. The victim stated he had dropped his wallet in the parking lot of the Mc Donald’s and was told by the manager that another patron had claimed the wallet. The male suspect took the wallet and walked away. The shift manager did not think to ask for identification and just gave the patron the wallet. Video surveillance will be reviewed to assist in identifying the suspect. 

Status: Under Investigation


District Five (Casa Blanca):

Aggravated Assault – Officers were dispatched to a residence in reference to a fight in progress. Upon the officer’s arrival they were able to locate a female who they identified as the victim. The victim stated that the suspect had grabbed her and slammed her against the door frame. The two subjects began to physically fight and fell to the ground. The suspect got on top of the victim and began strangling the victim using both hands. The victim began to scratch the suspect’s chest as the suspect began to bang the victims head on the floor. The victim was transported to the hospital for further medical attention. The suspect was not located and further attempts will be made.  

Status: Under Investigation


District Six (Komatke):

Aggravated Assault – Officers were dispatched to a residence in reference to a stabbing that occurred. Contact was made with the victim who stated he was stabbed by the suspect who was still on scene. Officers made contact with the suspect as they were attempting to leave the scene. The victim stated they had gotten into a verbal altercation which turned physical. The suspect had grabbed a knife and began to wave it at the victim in a threatening manner. The victim walked to the door, opened it and asked the suspect to leave. The suspect approached the victim with the knife in hand and stabbed the victim on the left side of the abdomen. The suspect was taken into custody and booked into DRS.  

Status:  Suspect was arrested and booked into jail.


Theft – Officers were dispatched to the area in reference to a theft at the Komatke Towers. The reporting party and project superintendent stated that subjects cut the fence of the yard and made entry. The suspects stole a ladder which had been located on the side of the residence. Surveillance cameras were observed and the reporting party stated they would provide a copy of the video surveillance to assist in identifying the suspect(s). 

Status Under Investigation


Theft – Officers were dispatched to a local Farm property in reference to theft of some farming equipment. A trailer had been purchased and it was loaded with equipment which was to be used by the farm. Subjects had entered the property and stolen the equipment. All items were entered into NCIC/ACIC.   

Status: Under Investigation


District Seven (Maricopa): 

Auto Theft– Officers were dispatched in reference to a stolen vehicle. Upon the officer’s arrival contact was made with the reporting party. The victim stated he had started the vehicle and went back inside the residence to get a jacket. While inside for approximately five to ten minutes the reporting party came out and the vehicle was gone. The reporting party stated the vehicle was registered to his wife who was also inside of the residence. A stolen affidavit was completed and the vehicle was entered into the database as stolen. 

Status: Under Investigation