Council Elections Tuesday, May 6 for Districts 2 through 7

Roberto A. Jackson
Gila River Indian News



It’s time to hit the polls once again. The Gila River Indian Community is holding elections for Community Council representatives in six of the seven districts. Election Day is Tuesday, May 7 and the Community Council Election features 19 candidates in Districts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. The polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. After a three-business day protest period and certification of the election results, the winners will be sworn in at the June 5 Community Council meeting. 


Carol Schurz is seeking a third term in District 2 against Jewel Whitman, former Community Council representative, and David Anderson, who recently ran for lieutenant governor. 


Four candidates are running in District 3. The incumbent Carolyn Williams is joined by Marlo Schurz, Darren Pedro-Martinez and Avery White.


In District 4, Barney B. Enos Jr., is looking to keep his seat against Delmar Jones and Weldon Salkey, and voters in District 5 will choose between former Community Council representative Franklin Pablo Sr., James De La Rosa and Merry Kris Kyyitan. 


Charles Goldtooth is running for reelection in District 6 against Sandra Nasewytewa, a former Community Council representative who last served in 2017. District 7 will choose between current representative Devin Redbird and Michael Mercado, Raymond Parra and Jarrett Yarmata.


Some tips from the Gila River Indian Community Election Board:

Voters with proper photo identification can cast their ballot at any polling location. Each district has only one vacancy and only one vote is required.

You can still vote if you missed the deadline to update your name, address and district information. You may change your information the day following the election.

There is a 50-foot limit area that prohibits loitering and political activity. The polling site area also prohibits taking pictures with your phone or other devices. 


For further questions or if you are prevented from voting please call Tribal Elections at (520) 562-9735 or (520) 562-9758.