21st Century Native provides basketball camp in District 7

Kyle Knox

Gila River Indian News



On Saturday, Nov. 9, 21st Century Native hosted their second Start Strong Basketball Clinic at the District 7 Service Center. The event is one of many events the organization is hosting in honor of Native American Heritage Month.


The non-profit organization is four-years-old and has organized numerous events for youth since its creation. The founder Amanda Lyons said, “Our goal is to host various events that develop life skills and sports foundation among youth from District 1 to District 7.” 


Earlier this year, they hosted workshops on goal setting, planning and coping. To date, their only sports programming is for basketball development. They have the most experience with basketball, are involved with NABI, and have a team compete every summer. 


For the basketball camps, participants are coached by Ronnie Lyons, who is Amanda Lyons’ father and coach for their NABI team.  Two former teammates were also in attendance to assist with stretches, warm-ups, and drills. 


Coach Ronnie Lyons teaches proper basketball fundamentals at the camp. Coach Lyons builds the clinic to help participants improve their ball handling and shooting mechanics, so youth are capable of trying out and competing in community, school, or tournament play. 


21st Century Native will hold a Family Bingo as the last event for November 18, Monday, at 6:30 pm at the District 3 Service Center. More information can be found by calling (480) 708-9249 or emailing info@21stcenturynative.net.