20 years and counting for valuable GRIC employees

Sept. 25, 2019


Emma Hughes

Gila River Indian News


On Sept. 25, the Gila River Indian Community recognized some of their employees with their annual “Twenty-year club” recognition luncheon, which honors long-serving employees.


The employees who attended were treated to a lunch at Geleto Brazilian Steakhouse, with musical trivia and games, prizes, and gifts provided by Human Resources Employee Assistance/Training Specialist, Richard Weschrob and Training Specialist Phillip Morris and Employee Development Manager Marsha Chischilly.


Lt. Gov. Robert Stone was in attendance and gave remarks, “We truly do try to support each other to get work done in the Community,” said Lt. Gov. Stone who congratulated and presented the employees with certificates.


The following is a list of employees who were recognized:

Harriet Allen

Anthony Antone

Agatha Apkaw

Arturo Apodaca

Alan Blackwater

James Blair

Corina Brown

Domitila Budd

Marlena Calabaza

Melva Charles

Flora Chewing

Catherine Deer

Cornelia Eschief

Michelle Eschief

Roella Fragua

Jimmy Garcia

Dorothea Guy

James Hamby

Danielle Jackson

Lorin Jackson

Rena Johnson

Valerie Johnson-Antone

Felicia Juan

Honey Karel

Michael Krout

Chris Loendorf

Leon Manuel

Kathleen Norris

Cheryl Pablo

Eloise Pedro

Jairus Pierce

Adolpho Robles

Ricardo Stewart

Abigail Thomas

Lino Valdez

Rudy Valenzuela

Karen White

Jesse Zuniga