Community provides input at public scoping meetings for the I-10 between Santan Loop 202 and SR-387

Sept. 19, 2019


Christopher Lomahquahu

Gila River Indian News


The Gila River Indian Community hosted a series of public scoping meetings to inform the Community members about the planned Interstate 10 expansion project on Sept. 19, 25, 26 and the 28.


According to a Community press release, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), Gila River Indian Community, and Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) invited the public to attend meetings as part of an environmental study and design concept report for Interstate 10 (I-10) between State Route Loop 202 (Santan) (Loop 202) and State Route 387 (SR-387).


At one of the scoping meetings, held at the Sacaton Boys & Girls Club, Community members and ADOT staff were on-hand to discuss the expansion project. It was an opportunity for attendees to share their thoughts and concerns through two forms of communication, an electronic survey or submit a paper form.


The purpose of the study is to evaluate the impacts of expanding the capacity of the I-10 from the Loop 202/Santan Freeway interchange to just south of the interchange at SR-387 to reduce traffic congestion in the study area.


“As you may be aware the Community has agreed to participate in a study, with study partners and their consultants on the expansion of Interstate 10,” said David White, General Manager for the Wild Horse Pass Development Authority.


He said, “The purpose of tonight’s meeting is to capture feedback about this important study.” Being, open to the public, some of the meetings brought citizens from neighboring communities to talk and complete a survey.


“It is one of many we are having in the Community to look at the I-10 expansion project, within the Community,” said Lt. Gov. Robert Stone. He encouraged Community members to offer feedback regarding the survey. “More importantly is you, the Community members, that we want to hear from, your participation is really important.”


“My main concern is when somebody coming in the opposite direction blows a tire, at 70 plus mile per hour, there’s no time to react. I would like to see a cable barrier, maybe it will stop a car from going into on-coming traffic,” said Clement Harvey, District 3.


“Instead of two lanes, three would make sense, it gives you more room to pass and time to react, if something happens, like an accident,” said Tasha Matthews, District 3.


“I was aware of the widening project they were proposing, but it was good to see they want to collect questions and comments from Community members,” said Michael Morago, District 3. He said along with the widening project, the highway surface along that section of I-10 is really bad.

“The concerns that I had were congestion, I travel that highway all the time and it’s always congested. I have safety concerns about that, because cars try and jockey for position on that highway,” said Morago. 


The Community feedback was across the board, some expressed concerns at the amount of traffic, that would come with the addition of lanes in the east and west directions. Other Community members said the addition of an extra lane could help reduce the amount of congestion, especially in the case of an accident, allowing more cars to navigate around the crash scene.


The public scoping meetings were held in District 1, 3, 5, and 6, which provided information on travel time outcomes, with maps, and study and evaluation processes on the expansion project.


Individuals can provide their input through the, or call (602) 522-7777, email their questions and comments to or mail to the following address:


1-10 Wild Horse Pass Corridor Study Team

c/o HDR, Inc.

20 E. Thomas Road, Suite 2500, Phoenix, AZ 85012