Mud Dash course was the ‘highlight’ of the third annual event

Kyle Knox

Gila River Indian News


The Mul-Chu-Tha Fairgrounds was the site to the 120 participants that embarked in the Third Annual Mud Dash on Friday, Sept. 6.  


Six waves of 20 runners were signaled to start throughout the evening by Brenalee Sakiestewa, Tribal Wellness Center staff. Each wave consisted of men and women of all ages eager to challenge themselves and have some fun all in the name of health. Sakiestewa said, "The collaboration that took place to build the course was the highlight of this year's event."


Angelica Guzman returned for the second-year and said, "I enjoyed the run, it was fun, and the wall was the most challenging." Guzman also mentioned that "It [Mud Dash] is for everyone if you can't do something you can always go around." Guzman confronted every obstacle head-on and was the first woman to scale the wall without any assistance successfully.


While most attempted the obstacles throughout the course, some bypassed those that looked too challenging for their agility level. And for those that wanted to push themselves, it was encouraged and also supervised by Wellness Center staff.


Juan Hernandez said, "It's fun because it takes you out of your comfort zone; you get dirty and run through uneven terrain." He highly encourages this course for anyone that considers obstacle course runs in their future. Hernandez is tall, but even he couldn't get out of the army crawls that forced him, and every one, on the ground with their faces covered in mud.


Though caked with mud from head to toe, everyone received Mud Dash promotional items and were given treats and smoothies from Kowee Coffee upon completing the run.