Get ready to shred at skating event honoring Mustering-In Day

Emma Hughes
Gila River Indian News


The 154th Annual Mustering-In Day Celebration is set for Saturday, Sept. 7, in District 7. You can expect much of what makes the celebration great such as the parade, food, music, games. And returning this year is the skateboard competition that is sure to bring in talent from all over the region.  


The name for this year’s competition is “United We Shred” and will take place in conjunction with Mustering-In Day activities starting at 4 p.m. and will be hosted by Seven Layer Army.


“Skateboarding kept me out of trouble and we’re trying keep the youth motivated to continue skating through these events,” Co-owner of Seven Layer Army Reuben Ringlero said.


“United We Shred” will wrap up skate competitions hosted by Seven Layer Army for the summer. Seven Layer Army Co-owner Paul Molina is excited to see how much progress is made by the skaters that he’s watched over the summer and from year-to-year. 


Additionally, Ringlero and Molina look forward to this specific skateboard competition. Throughout the year they host numerous skateboard competitions that are closed and only for GRIC members to participate in. That rule doesn’t apply for this particular competition because of the history that Mustering-In Day holds in the Community.


Keeping true to the history of Mustering-In Day, an event that honors the establishment of America’s “First National Guard,” where tribes—including the Akimel O’otham and Pee Posh- united for a common purpose, America’s defense. 


In addition to the invitation to non-GRIC members, there’s another level of unity woven into the event with many other Native owned skateboard companies providing promotional items and swag for participants. Some of those companies are Apache Skateboards, Maize Skateboards, Naqwatsveni Skateboards, and Oddity Skateboards.


This year’s skateboard competition is also made possible through support of District 7 Recreation and Cowtown Skateboards. The competition is open for male and females starting as young as 7-years-old. You can find more information about the competition and Seven Layer Army at