Mud Dash returns to Sacaton for third year in a row, Community is encouraged to attend

Kyle Knox
Gila River Indian News



Community members will have the opportunity for a unique workout at this year’s 3rd Annual Mud Dash, Friday, Sept. 6, brought to you by the Tribal Recreation and Wellness Center at the Mul-Cha-Tha Fairgrounds in Sacaton. 


Brenalae Sakiestewa, Tribal Wellness Center Fitness Instructor, shared that the mud dash is actually a one-mile long obstacle course. 


“Participants will be climbing, army-style crawling, jumping, and running through water and mud pits,” she said.


She encourages all to try something different since these style events don’t happen regularly. Last year’s Mud Dash brought out 120 participants to take the challenge. This year they are expecting 200 participants.  Though youth 13 and older can participate with parent/guardian consent, the intensity level of the workout is more suited for adults. 


Participants will be challenged from the design of the course but the event is non-competitive. Tribal Recreation and Wellness Center staff have taken all safety precautions; however, participants should also be aware that all obstacles are voluntary so you can opt out of anything you don’t feel comfortable with. Sakiestewa mentioned that in the future they hope to make it competitive, longer, with more obstacles. 


If you plan to attend, expect to get wet and caked with mud from your shoulders and below, wear clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy.  Towels are recommended to dry off at the areas designated for rinsing. 


Aside from water, sweat, mud, and maybe tears, there will be incentives for all those that complete the challenge. 


“We have a good team working here and we’re all coming together to plan this event and encourage the community to get out of their comfort zone,” said Sakiestewa.  


Some of the key partners that have made this possible including District 3 Special Project, District 6, Gila River Fire Department, and Gila River Sand and Gravel, and GRIC Department of Transportation. 

For more information please contact Tribal Recreation and Wellness Center.