Executive Office announces per capita amounts, no check pickups

Roberto A. Jackson
Gila River Indian News


An April 13 letter from the Executive Office of the Governor & Lieutenant Governor of the Gila River Indian Community announced the per capita distribution amounts for the quarter ending March 31. The letter stated that the April 30 payout will be $387.97 (Adult Per Capita) and $378.71 (Minor Trust).


The amount is calculated based on 11 percent of net gaming revenues and after administrative costs and adjustments are determined, which are then divided by eligible members.


The letter also highlighted that, “Due to COVID-19, Executive Order #6 and the guidance from the CDC, there will be no check pickups for the Per Capita Distribution on April 30, 2020. All checks will be mailed, please ensure your address is up-to-date.”


For questions, contact the Per Capita Office at (520) 562-5222.