AOPPYC Youth Workshops will begin in September

Kyle Knox
Gila River Indian News


On the heels of the successful 32nd Annual Akimel O’odham/ Pee-Posh Youth Council (AOPPYC) Youth Conference in July, the AOPPYC is keeping the momentum going with a virtual workshop series for youth starting next month. The series will include instructional workshops and seminars on four areas that youth from the conference enjoyed most and would like to see more of in the future. 


Michael Preston AOPPYC Coordinatorsaid, “Outside of learning a new skill we really want to use this series as a way to connect youth with their peers and create a network that wouldn’t have been possible if not participating in the workshop.”


In a post-conference survey, the youth expressed their interest in more hands-on activities along with more O’otham and Pee Posh cultural teachings. With that in mind, Preston decided to combine the two to develop the new series.


The Youth Council hosted two hands-on workshops on mask coverings and pottery, and Preston saw the promise of providing a series of workshops for youth to learn a new skill. According to Preston, the series is also an opportunity for youth to build a mentorship with the instructors and expand their knowledge.


The series will be on Wednesdays starting Sept. 2 with a beading workshop presented by Christine Porter of CP Creations. The following will be a painting workshop facilitated by Paul Molina on Sept. 9.


The third workshop is a clay pottery workshop presented by Yolanda Hart Stevens on Sept. 16. The final workshop is Preston’s entrepreneurship workshop scheduled for Sept. 30. All the workshops will start at 6 p.m. on the listed dates and can last anywhere from two to three hours.


The workshops are available to all enrolled GRIC youth ages 13-21-years-of-age. Space is limited to 20 youth per workshop which is most effective for virtual instruction. Participants must register in advance in order to receive a required “art kit” in the mail before the workshop. Preston emphasized that youth must be mindful of the times and dates listed.


“If you sign up for a workshop, clear your schedule, and please commit to your workshop’s time and date.” Anyone who registers should also ensure they have reliable internet or WiFi connection as the workshops will be live over the web for up to three hours.


To register for workshops and more information, please visit QLScx18JLOgiZxR3VyBCHeLftyqpxuod0f9w_izTyJh7GhsDUA/viewform.


You can also contact Michael Preston by email or phone at Michael. or by phone at (520) 562-1866.