Gila River Indian Community to Provide Third General Assistance Payment to Community Members

 (Sacaton, Arizona)—Governor Stephen Roe Lewis announced on Dec. 1 that a third general assistance payment will be made to Gila River Indian Community members on December 9, 2020. The Gila River Indian Community Council previously approved the payment from the COVID-19 Emergency Fund to all Community members over the age of 18 in the amount of $500.


Governor Lewis explained, “This payment is to continue to assist our Community members in meeting their basic needs in the face of a serious surge of COVID-19 cases in Arizona and nationwide.”

The COVID-19 Emergency Fund was approved by the Community Council at a Special Meeting on March 24, 2020. The Fund has been used for general assistance payments to Community members as well as direct food distribution to members.


The Community Council has also approved various other initiatives to assist Community members and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Governor Lewis has issued executive orders extending a “stay at home” order for the Gila River Indian Reservation, a partial shutdown of the Community government, and mandating the wearing of face masks on the Reservation.


“The upcoming weeks are critical for the Community and Arizona,” Governor Lewis continued, “with COVID-19 numbers expected to rise above what we saw in July and August.”


The Community government has been very active in meeting the essential needs of Community members during the pandemic, including deliveries of food, water and essential items. While the Community government has been partially shut down, certain departments and programs continue to provide essential services and functions to the Community, and all public safety departments have remained fully operational.

The projected payment date for the third general assistance payment is December 9, 2020.