Ira Hayes Post and Auxiliary Unit bring Valentines to Caring House

Emma Hughes
Gila River Indian News



St. Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day when we celebrate our love for one another. The Ira H. Hayes Auxiliary Unit 84 and Post 84 celebrated St. Valentine’s Day with a visit to veterans at Gila River Health Care’s Caring House in Sacaton. They wanted to honor their service to the country by bringing gifts and Valentine’s day treats—something they hope to do more of in the upcoming holidays.


Words of appreciation were shared with the veterans. It became an emotional occasion, as talks of their time in the service and remembering those who struggle with difficult memories of their military experiences and trauma came to light. But they also remembered the good times and sharing some laughs as gifts were handed out to the veterans. 


It turned out to be a rewarding experience for those involved, “Just seeing their expressions on their face, you can feel that they appreciated what we did for them, they deserve that,” said Doreen Atkinson-Juan, Vice-Chair for Post 84 Auxiliary Unit. Doug Juan, also commented: “We just wanted to share that with them today, give them a token of appreciation. We’re looking ahead to do other stuff for local veterans.”