New superintendent of the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument is ready to work with GRIC

Christopher Lomahquahu

Gila River Indian News



Last year the National Park Service Regional Director Kate Hammond selected Benjamin Littlefield as the new superintendent over the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument.  Littlefield was introduced to Community Council during a meeting at the Governance Center in Sacaton on Feb. 5. 


“It’s a pleasure to be here, to take the opportunity to share a little about my background and vision for my time at the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument,” said Littlefield. Littlefield comes to the position with experience in law enforcement and national parks. 


The Casa Grande National Ruins Monument is home to the “Great House,” or Sivan Vah-Ki, which was built around the 1300’s and is the first archaeological reserve in 1892, then being a part of the National Park Service in 1918. The O’otham trace their cultural ties to the structure and ancestors, the Huhugam. 


“We see ‘The Great House’ as a sacred site for us, and we trace so much of our history to that area, and the on-going project as a national monument is important to us,” said Gov. Stephen Roe Lewis. 


“I’m very excited and looking to expand my skills in collaboration and partnership, which has been very impressive between the National Park Service and the Gila River Indian Community,” said Littlefield. 


Littlefield said he looks to collaborate with the Community on future projects and has been thankful for the reception he has received from GRIC.


District 1 Community Council Representative Arzie Hogg said he would like to see collaboration between Littlefield and the Community so GRIC youth can learn more about the ruins.


Littlefield thanked Community Council for their suggestions and is looking forward to future opportunities.