U.S. Census Bureau is hiring positions for the 2020 Census

Kyle Knox

Gila River Indian News


The year 2020 is the start of a new decade, which also means it’s time for a new Census Counting for the United States Census Bureau. Every ten years, the U.S. population is counted, which includes the Gila River Indian Community. This year the Community launched the “We All Count” campaign to encourage participation in the Census. 


To assist with the 2020 Census Count, the U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting people to be census takers in their local communities.


It allows the federal government to understand the needs of the varied regions of the country based on demographic make-up. Those needs include planning for schools, funding for community initiatives, legislative districting/ mapping, and federal programs based on population sizes, to name a few. 


Joshua Manning, Media Specialist for the United States Census Bureau, offered some insights as to why the Census is important and how to assist the Census by serving as Census workers in the Gila River Indian Community. 


"The Census determines funding for the next ten years and whether the areas should have additional (or less) representation in Congress. So, whether a school gets tax dollars back into the Community for the next decade depends on how everyone there responds to the Census," said Manning.


That means that an accurate accounting of residents in any given area is essential to understand what's needed. 

Many efforts promoting the Census have already begun.  Another initiative includes the hiring of Census workers throughout the country to support the collection of residential data. 


To acquire a position as a census worker, Manning said, "applicants must Be 18. Answer a short assessment or two. Be able to pass a simple background investigation for a criminal record. Have a car or have access to a car." In Arizona alone, he reported that they receive "just over 40,000 applicants," though only a quarter of that acquires a position.


Pay rates vary based on the county, but locally for Pinal and Maricopa Counties, one could earn anywhere between $16-19.50/ hr. Though there are several positions to apply for, the majority of the positions are for census takers or enumerators.



Enumerators go door-to-door in areas to make sure people have accurately filled out their census forms. If selected as an enumerator, you have an option to pick the times you work and can work as much as 40 hours/week or half of that based on your availability. And mileage is reimbursed for the use of your vehicle. 


Manning expressed how crucial it is for communities to hire locally because "People from Gila River will be less trusting of someone from [Washington] D.C., in a suit and tie than they would be toward someone three houses away." 


Whether serving as a census worker or participating this year, it is vital to join, because the Census only occurs every ten years, the accounting of this year will determine a lot of the decisions that will affect the Community in the future. 


The US Census officially starts April 1, 2020, with many enumerators going door-to-door beginning their work from May through July.  


If you are interested in a job with the Census Bureau, you can get more information at 2020census.gov/jobs, calling 1-855-562-2020, or e-mailing Pattie King at pattie.m.king@2020census.gov.