Sells team wins thoka tourney

Kyle Knox

Gila River Indian News


On Sunday, Mar 8, the south field of the Mul-Chu-Tha fairgrounds hosted its annual Thoka Tournament, where over ten teams competed for the day-long competition. 


Girls and women of all ages made up the numerous teams that lined each side of the field. The double-elimination tournament moved quickly as teams competed. Most of the teams came up from the Tohono O'odham nation, with only one local team competing for that day, Akimel O'odham. 


The tournament concluded that afternoon with the following taking home their prizes. This year's trophies, which were one foot high "gourd dolls" adorned with hair, arms, shirt, skirt, shells and thoka playing stick.


The 58th Mul-Chu-Tha Thoka Tournament winning teams were:

1st Place: Skeg Komchud-Sells, Ariz.

2nd Place: Stotoa Okokoi-San Xavier, Ariz.

3rd Place: Wiohum Kekiwa-San Lucy, Ariz.