Gila River Police Department announces text-to-911 service

Emma Hughes
Gila River Indian News



The Gila River Indian Community Police Department will begin utilizing “text-to-9-1-1,” a new service that will allow you to send a text message to 911 from a mobile device in case you are unable to make a phone call in an emergency. The text message service is part of Pinal County Sheriff’s Office county wide text-to-9-1-1, available Oct. 1. Dispatchers have been trained and are ready to utilize this new service. 


You can now text the number “911” with a message of your emergency and accurate location, if possible. Avoid using abbreviations and group, video, or photo messages cannot be sent. It is necessary to have your device’s location services turned on in order to better assist in providing your location to dispatch. Once a message is sent, questions and instructions will follow. 


There is no guarantee your message will be sent or received. Voice calls are still preferred but the new service is available for those who cannot make a phone call and can be an alternative for individuals with speech/hearing impairment or other disabilities, domestic violence victims, anyone unable to speak due to medical or other conditions.