Department of Public Works Seeks Qualified Job Candidates in the Community

Christopher Lomahquahu

Gila River Indian News


The Gila River Indian Community Department of Public Works is looking for qualified individuals to fill a number of positions throughout the organization. DPW is one of the Community’s largest departments, overseeing utility services from water resources to garbage collection.


“Positions like Utility Service Technician I, those positions are considered our entry positions within the water and waste water branch,” said  Mark Horn, DPW Director. He described the position as a vital one within DPW.  “They (help) maintain water systems, pipelines, pump stations, reservoirs and including the lagoon facilities,” said Horn.


Community members interested in the Utility Service Technician position, which pays a minimum of $16.45 per hour, are required to have some knowledge about construction practices or water, sewer and utility experience. 


“The general requirements for those positions is a high school diploma or GED,” said Horn. “We prefer one year experience in general utilities construction or water and waste water maintenance.” Horn added that if a newly hired Utility Services Technician does not possess a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), DPW will provide training to assist them in obtaining that license within six months of their start date. 


The Civil Engineer role, which is not entry level, requires more education and training to meet DPW’s baseline qualifications. The starting salary offered is $62,549 annually.


“It requires a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or closely related field and three years of experience in either hydrology, irrigation or water resources and construction management type field,” said Horn. He added that candidates with a Master’s degree in civil engineering will be required to have at least 18 months’ experience. 


Horn recommends that all applicants for DPW positions familiarize themselves with the job requirements and with the Community. Applicants can find information about jobs and submit applications at