Naming Ceremony at GRIC Children’s Court Honors Judge Jay Pedro For 30-year Career

Kyle Knox

Gila River Indian News


Judges and staff from the Gila River judicial system gathered for a ceremonial courtroom name revealing Thurs. November 4. The occasion officially marked the renaming of the Gila River Children’s Courtroom as the “Jay D. Pedro Courtroom.” The name change is in honor of Judge Jay Pedro, who retired from the courts after serving 30 years as a Children’s Court Judge. 


“This is a great honor,” Judge Pedro told those gathered for the ceremony. “I’m very humbled and appreciate the recognition. During my career, I stayed the course, did the best I could for our children and families. I hope that my career has some merit, and I thank you all very much.” 


Gov. Stephen Roe Lewis attended the event. He described the Judge as a landmark contributor to the Community’s justice system. 


“This is a significant acknowledgment of all that Judge Pedro has done in the children’s court for a number of years, and it’s very respectful of his legacy and contributions to the court,” said Gov. Lewis. “Seeing the staff here to honor Judge Pedro in a beautiful, tasteful and safe manner brought a good boost of positivity for everyone here.” 


Though retired, Judge Jay Pedro serves as a visiting judge presiding over cases when there aren’t judges available or other special circumstances. This part-time arrangement allows him to enjoy his “sunset years” in retirement with family and traveling. 


“I dedicated my entire legal career to the Gila River Indian Community,” said Judge Pedro. “I would do it no other way if I could do it again.” 


Judge Antoinette Enos was also present for the reveal. She was sworn in as the Community’s new Children’s Court judge.


“I look up to Judge Pedro. Those are some big shoes to fill, and I’m thankful to be here for the revealing of the courtroom naming,” said Judge Enos. “I look forward to learning and the challenge of this role, and I hope to do my best in this role and give back to my community.”