GRIC Royalty Hosts Virtual Pet Costume, Community Members Use Creative Talents


Emma Hughes


Gila River Indian News


Gila River Royalty hosted a virtual pet costume contest for GRIC members who were able to submit photos of their furry loved ones. The contest featured over 60 participants, including dogs, cats, and even a rabbit and hamster.


Pet owners got creative with costumes and photos of their pets for this festive contest. The  winners were announced in a video posted to social media on Saturday, Oct. 30.


The first place winner was NoFace, dressed as painter Bob Ross. The second place winner was Leo, dressed as the character Edward Scissorhands. Third place went to Pablo, dressed as Gondola Serenader.


The contest also had Honorable Mention categories.  Funniest costume went to the Petey, dressed as a “crazy mouse killer.” Spookiest costume went to AJ, who was dressed as Chucky. And the most original costume went to David Rowie, who was dressed as Jareth: The Goblin King from “Labyrinth.”


 “Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year,” said Alyse Marietta, Miss Indian Arizona 2021-2022, who served as one of the judges for the costume contest.


“I loved seeing everyone’s fur babies that were submitted and just to see everyone in the holiday spirit was really fun,” said Marrietta, who came up with the idea for the contest during her reign as Miss Gila River after the positive feedback she received when she posted photos of her dog on social media for ‘National Dog Day’.


“I thought it was a great idea because who doesn’t love seeing pets in cute costumes,” said Jr. Miss Gila River Sineca Jackson, who also has a dog of her own, “Deet” a Pitbull and labradoodle mix she adopted from Gila River Animal Control for her birthday recently.


If you or anyone is interested in adopting a pet, Gila River Animal Control is located in District 5 and is open for adoptions with a fee. The facility is open seven days a week from 8 A.M. – 5 P.M. Adopted animals are vaccinated and spayed or neutered. For more information, contact Gila River Animal Control at (520) 562-5177.


Jackson says virtual events have helped her to hone her public speaking skills and to engage with the Community. She shared some of the pros and cons of the events, such as occasional technical difficulties when broadcasting online.


“The message that is going out to the community during these events always outweighs the cons,” said Jackson. “On the other hand, being a part of virtual events has been great. It’s not the whole in-person interaction experience, but it’s the fact that somehow and in some way myself and Alyse (Marrietta) are still getting our platforms out there.”


Photos courtesy of their respected pet owner: Reina Jackson, Pet: No Face as “Bob Ross the Painter,” Anaiya Enos, Pet: Leo as Edward Scissor Hands, Will Antone, Pet Pablo as “Gondola Serenader,” Joella Velasco, Pet: Petey as “Crazy Mouse Killer,” Arlene Hastings, Pet: AJ as Chucky, Melissa Paul, Pet: Rowie aka David Bowie as “The Goblin King from ‘Labyrinth.’”