GRIC Members Receive Nearly $2 Million in Federal Rental Aid

April 1, 2022


Kyle Knox

Gila River Indian News


The Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP), which began in March 2021 to provide rental assistance for households directly affected by COVID-19, has dispersed nearly $2 million in aid to Community members. This allows families to remain in their homes, assists with utility payments, or in some cases, provides short-term housing until a new lease is secure. 


“The ultimate goal of the program is to keep families housed,” said Trina Fasthorse, deputy director, GRIC Department of Community Housing.


ERAP is a fully-funded program awarded to the Community by the U.S. Treasury. Fasthorse has overseen the program and witnessed families get evicted due to the loss of income from a job loss or the passing of a loved one. But she has also seen ERAP keep families together and prevent them from becoming homeless.


The U.S. Treasury sets eligibility requirements, assistance amounts and time scope depending on household need. Though funding will end in six months on Sept. 30, Fasthorse said applications continue to come in and she welcomes everyone affected to apply.


A significant component of ERAP is that it provides help to all Community members, even if they do not live within the Community. Fasthorse said they’ve been able to assist families in California, Oregon and Washington. 


“We hope the program can bring some comfort to families and relieve some of the financial stress they’re going through and keeping them housed,” said Fasthorse. “Communication is key. Call and stay in contact, ask the questions you have and make sure we have all the information for your application.” 


Call the Department of Community Housing at (520) 562-3904 or visit their office in Sacaton for an application or for more information.


And applicantions are also available online at