GRIC Member Holds Annual Sock Donation Drive

Kyle Knox
Gila River Indian News


This Summer, Danielle Mercado, District 6, launched her inaugural donation sock drive. With a new year comes a new goal and many other changes, all for the better. Recent changes to her donation drive now include a rebrand, now called Serious About Socks, an extended donation timeline, and more items to donate this year.  

“Serious About Socks provides someone a basic necessity that we sometimes take for granted, and it will help someone’s everyday life with these donations,” said Mercado. Through her volunteer service she has seen firsthand how socks benefit the less fortunate, at The Andre House in downtown Phoenix. 


After riding the success of two donation drives, Mercado was eager to start June 1. “I know times are hard for everyone, it seems right now, but I still think it’s important for us to do what we can for those in need no matter through these donations,” said Mercado. “So, this year I increased my goal from 5,000 to 10,000 pairs and in the end, if we get 5 or 500 pairs it will still be a success.” 


The Andre House, where many Native Americans seek out services, will receive all the items collected again this year. 


Mercado said, “There are so many Native Americans that go through there [Andre House] so your donations will go a long way to help a lot of people from every walk of life.”


While the new goal of 10,000 pairs is ambitious, she knows it will be challenging. Regardless she remains undeterred and said the number serves as a motivating factor. 


An additional change to the donation drive is that shoes are now an acceptable item. She is accepting slightly used or gently worn adult shoes to donate to the Andre House this year. “I feel like we all have that old pair of shoes that we don’t wear anymore, I know I do, so I thought why not ask for those as donations too,” said Mercado. 


She feels that the addition of shoes to this years drive may help for more people to contribute.

Mercado also indicated that purchasing new pairs of socks and arranging pickup times wasn’t always convenient for many. So, she felt like providing a way for people to get rid of older items in the closet was an easier option.  


This year she also extended the collection time to include the entire month of June and July. The extra donation time will allow for more items to be collected and reach her goal.


The Serious About Socks conception came from Mercado’s time volunteering and her love of running. When she lived in Phoenix, she often passed homeless individuals that opened her eyes to the need for socks.


Last year she stated, “During my summer runs, I realized that my socks matter because my feet would get hot,” said Mercado. “I would get blisters, but I am fortunate enough to go home to an A/C and a shower, rest my feet and mend. But the people I pass do not have that luxury."


Instead, they have to live on that hot street and sleep on the pavement year-round.” This realization led to Mercado’s creation of the Serious About Socks donation drive. 


Today, everyone has a chance to help Mercado with her effort and make an impact for those in need.

Anyone interested has until now and July 31 to donate any gently used shoes or new, packaged adult socks for men and women. To learn more about Serious About Socks email or follow her on Instagram by searching “Serious About Socks.” 


Monetary donations are also being accepted this year via digital money transfers. All donated funds will to go towards the purchase of socks. To donate virtually, you can do so by using Venmo or Cash App by searching “seriousaboutsocks.”