Recognizing Space Force & Wreaths Across America

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The Space Force was established December 20, 2019. It was the first new U.S. branch of service in 73 years. They are called the Guardians. Prior to its establishment, it existed within the Air Force since 1982 as the Air Force Space Command. Their motto is Semper Supra meaning Always Above. Their official song has the same title.


All of the initial Space Force members transferred from other branches. The First class of Officers graduated in the Air Force Academy’s class of 2020. December of 2020 saw the first seven direct enlistments.


There have been women in the United States Space Force since the branch’s inception in 2019. It is the only branch of the United States military where women have always had equal roles.


In July 2020 the Space Force obtained its first all-female space operations crew. In August 2020, the first female Air Force general officer transferred to the Space Force becoming the first female general officer in the Space Force.


In October of the same year 2 females were each promoted to chief master sergeant, making them the first women in the Space Force to attain the rank. The first female major general in the Space Force transferred from the Air Force in May 2021.


Air Force Major General Clinton E Crosier, who is also the United States Space Force’s director of planning, has stated that the Space Force is looking for new policies to create a culture of equality and inclusion.


When the military branch flags are displayed together, the Space Force Flag precedes the Coast Guard flag. The Space Force is under the Department of Defense. Coast Guard is under Homeland.


Wreaths across America is a National Organization that promotes every Veteran having a wreath on their grave each December. Remembrance ceremonies are held at cemeteries nationwide on the 3rd Saturday in December (12-16-2023). They raise money every year to purchase as many wreaths as they are able to provide.


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