Preparing for Monsoon Storms and Effects this summer

July 7, 2023


Velia Moncada

Gila River Indian News


As the Community awaits the beautiful summer rainstorms to pass through the desert landscape, the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) of GRIC prepares for the damages the Monsoon season tends to leave behind.  Monsoons occur when the winds shift in direction due to seasonal changes, causing air pressure between the hot and parched air in the southwest region to increase in moisture. These storms can range from minor dust winds to severe thunderstorms causing heavy winds and rain, low visibility, power outages, and severe flash flooding.


“Residents should be prepared and take the monsoon’s very seriously and prepare as needed,” said Emergency Management Coordinator Adam Sainz.  He ensures that preparation planning for emergency disasters are thorough and effective for the Community.  For the past and future monsoon seasons, OEM coordinates with each district to supply adequate sandbags for each district and encourages departments to test their facility’s backup emergency equipment.  This warrants that the Community is well-equipped to assist with the prevention of flooding as well as provide emergency power during a power outage. “The OEM Team along with Public Safety and GRIC departments understand the importance of preparedness and work together to keep the Community safe,” said Sainz.  


When an emergency occurs the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) activates to assist, coordinate and deploy emergency resources for the Community. The OEM Team will be ready to respond as quickly as possible.

Although OEM strives to prepare for monsoon season, it is imperative that Community members safeguard and prepare for the monsoon elements as best as possible.  Some steps to help plan for such an incident includes: avoid driving in severe weather, watch the news for accurate information and weather updates, create a communication and evacuation plan, prepare for power outages, travel safely, and prepare an emergency 72- hour kit in the event you need to shelter in place.