Phoenix Symphony Orchestra Strikes Chords of Inspiration at CBCS


Emma Hughes

Gila River Indian News


Students at the Casa Blanca Community School (CBCS) received a special visit by the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra on Tuesday, Oct. 24, on-site at the school’s campus.


The Phoenix Symphony is Arizona’s only full-time, professional symphony orchestra and the state’s largest performing arts group. 


Members of the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra provided a live percussion concert in the school’s gymnasium to encourage students to develop a better and deeper understanding of music.


Students in grades K-5 were given the chance to listen and learn more about the orchestra and the instruments they use. Some students were even invited on-stage to assist in the performances. The orchestra also answered questions from students. 


“We’ve been working with Phoenix Symphony; this is our second year right after things opened up for from the pandemic, we reached out to Phoenix Symphony and they indicated that they were so happy to come out to Gila River and do presentations for our kids,” said Kim Franklin, CBCS Principal. 


She added, “We were so excited that they were going to be able to come. They did the two shows for us, one for the youngest students and then one for the older students.”


Franklin said they hope to bring the Phoenix Symphony out annually for more concerts and presentations. 


“We feel like the music, its world heritage, it’s everybody’s heritage, so we want them to have that experience just as much as we want them to have experiences of many cultures,” Franklin said. 


The school’s music class taught by GRIC member Ted Huerta, shared that interest in percussion has increased since the visit. CBCS also offers traditional music and dance classes, taught by former Lt. Gov. Robert Stone.


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