Skyline Gila River Holds First Homecoming Football Game


Kyle Knox

Gila River Indian News


Skyline Gila River celebrated its first football homecoming game to a raucous crowd of family, friends, and staff on Thursday, Oct. 19, where they faced off against Imagine Coolidge. Well into their season of home and away games throughout the valley, the Mustangs took to the field before a sizable home crowd-much larger than the first home game. 


The 7 p.m. kick-off signaled the crowd and Mustang cheerleaders that it was time to cheer on the boys on the field. By halftime, the score was uneven, with Imagine in the lead, but spirits remained high for the second half. 


“I love that we have a lot more Community members here to support our team,” said Mandy Webb, District 4 Her son plays for Skyline. She was impressed with how much potential the team showed throughout the season and liked that the school offered the program this year. 


During the halftime program, students nominated for Homecoming King and Queen gathered on the field to find out who won the title. But before declaring the king and queen, the announcement for the Homecoming Prince and Princess took place. 


Gathering the second most votes, Lucianna Rivers won the Homecoming Princess title, and Isiah Fino took the Homecoming Prince. 


Finally, winning the most votes by their peers, D’Only Michael won Homecoming King, and Demari Makil won Homecoming Queen. 


“Tonight was great and I’m happy to have won tonight as the first homecoming queen because it’s my last year here,” said Demari Makil, District 5. 


As the whistle blew, ending the fourth quarter, the final score ended with 38-14, with Imagine Coolidge maintaining their lead in the second half. Regardless, it was apparent that the sustained energy of the crowd demonstrated the support the Mustangs gained throughout their first season. 


“It’s an honor to be here for Skyline’s first homecoming football game, it’s a special night to be here for the crowning of their homecoming court along with our fellow Community members,” said Gov. Stephen Roe Lewis. He commends Skyline Gila River for starting a tackle football team this season. He encourages the Community to come and support all their athletic programs, including volleyball and basketball.


“Aside from the score, looking at the big picture seeing the Community come out, announcing our homecoming royalty, and seeing the Governor [Lewis] tonight adds to what we’re building here at Skyline with this program,” said Brianna Phillips, Assistant Success Coordinator at Skyline Gila River.