VA Benefits, National K9 Day, Vietnam War Veterans Day, and U.S. Flag folding

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Claim denied? Reapply:

There’s a possibility of reapplying for a Veterans Affairs (VA) Service-Connected Disability if you have been denied for conditions in the past. It doesn’t matter how long it has been since you were denied, as time goes on, not only do your medical conditions change, but so do the VA’s conditions and requirements.

Contact Veteran & Family Services (VFSO) for an appointment and we will review your denials and discuss the options.


National K9 Veterans Day:

March 13, recognizes National K9 Veterans Day and the dedicated K9 units who’ve served since World War II.

During the WWI, the United States took notice of the European use of canines as sentries, message carriers, and several other functions.

A lot of things changed after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941. We rationed oil, leather, and rubber. The military drafted men into service, women rolled up their sleeves for building war supplies and dogs were called to duty.


U.S. Flag Triangular Folding:

The United States flag is folded into the shape of a triangle to resemble a hat like those worn by General George Washington and other soldiers.

Each of its 13 folds has a symbolic meaning:

The first fold symbolizes life. The second fold symbolizes the belief in eternal life. The third fold symbolizes fallen veterans. The fourth fold symbolizes trust in a higher power. The fifth fold symbolizes honor and acknowledgment of our country. The sixth fold symbolizes the heart. The seventh fold symbolizes the U.S. Armed Forces. The eighth fold symbolizes those who enter the valley of the shadow of death. The ninth fold symbolizes womanhood. The tenth fold symbolizes fatherhood. The 11th fold symbolizes the seal of King David and King Solomon. The 12th fold symbolizes eternity. And the 13th fold symbolizes the national motto, “In God We Trust.”


Save the Date!

The VFSO Office will be hosting a Vietnam Veterans Day luncheon for Vietnam Veterans and their families on Thursday, March 28. Location and time TBA.

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