GRHC receives donation of recyclable bedside carts to assist patients

Christopher Lomahquahu

Gila River Indian News



Gila River Health Care providers have a new convenient way to store supplies for COVID-19 patients thanks to two Northern Arizona University alumni, Taggart Neal and John Krueger, who donated 54 HEROCarts, which are now in use at the Hau’pal (Red Tail Hawk) Health Center.


Neal and Krueger represent TAGCarts with Neal as the CEO, and Krueger as the Advisor according to a GRHC press release, which also states that the carts are, “one time use, three-drawer, recyclable bedside carts filled with valuable [personal protective equipment] to keep nurses safe.”


According to the TAGCarts website, the carts are designed for easy assembly and quick deployment. Krueger said when they are not in use, they can be stored flat and then propped up and ready to use in a short time.


“These lightweight yet durable multi-drawer carts on wheels are made out of corrugated paper board containing a high level of post-consumer waste (recycled content) and are filled with masks, gloves and other PPE,” said Neal.


Neal said in field hospitals and alternative care units, such as the one at the Red Tail Hawk Health Center, there is a need for equipment that is not cost or storage prohibitive while treating patients. 


In addition to eight counties in Arizona, HEROCarts have also been sent to the Navajo Nation, Sacramento, Stockton and Los Angeles, Calif., field hospitals.


“We are very grateful for GRHC, the state of Arizona, the Department of Health Services, who received 250 of our HEROCart equipment and they disbursed them out to the counties,” said Neal.


Neal and Krueger set up the HEROCarts along with GRHC staff at Hau’pal Health Center and loaded the carts with items to quickly treat and assist patients with COVID-19.


“Unprecedented times call for innovative solutions. The HEROCart is a perfect example of a scalable and deployable cart solution that addresses the need of nurses and clinicians treating our COVID-19 patients, improving safety and workflow,” said Dr. Anthony Santiago, GRHC CEO, in a press release.


The carts are single patient use and can be easily put together in times when storage equipment is in short supply and storing medical items is limited.


“It’s so important to have the supplies you need at hand and I think these carts really enable our nurses to have everything at hand,” said Michelle Kopec, GRHC Nurse. 


She said the carts also serve as a place for patients to put personal property in them and can function as a bed side stand, or can be positioned in areas where staff need to obtain supplies and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.