Community Bike Ride Honors Water Rights Day

December 16, 2022


Kyle Knox

Managing Editor



Elisha Bishop, District 3, held his second bike ride Saturday, Dec. 10, and recognized the Community’s Water Rights Day by beginning at the Managed Aquifer Recharge Site #5 (MAR 5) in District 3.  This event was the second in his ongoing GRIC Bike Ride Series. 


“These rides are social, family friendly, and are all about building community and getting people out on bikes,” said Bishop.  This date is the second bike ride series he’s organized in the Community this year.  He is happy to see each event grow in participation.  “Overall, I feel the ride went great and people seemed to enjoy the route, and seeing families riding together is always a highlight for me personally.”


On the brisk morning of the ride, 18 riders across the Community arrived for the five or 10-mile options throughout Districts 3 and 4.  For that morning’s Water Rights Day Ride, Bishop shared a brief history of Water Rights Day and its significance before the ride began.


Roseanne Jose, from the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, brought her family for the five-mile ride that morning.  “I wanted us to experience the ride for the first time and get some exercise, for all of us, as a family and ride together,” said Jose. 


Flat tires are part of bike riding and this morning’s ride was no exception.  Thankfully, there was only one rider that got a flat tire.  As luck would have it, the young woman was allowed to finish the ride with everyone on a lent bike.


District 6 member Sandra Nasewytewa participated for the first time with Bishop’ and was eager to ride with the group.  “I thought this was a perfect opportunity to see the reservation, be with other people, and burn some calories,” said Nasewytewa.  As an avid runner, Nasewytewa includes biking in her training since it’s easier on her body. 


Five rides are left in the series, concluding March 25, 2023, in District 4.  “If you’re new to riding, do some rides on your own to build up your endurance and get comfortable with riding farther and farther distances, then join us at one of the events,” said Bishop.  He’s hopeful that more people will consider joining and encourages anyone to contact him personally for more information or to answer any questions. 


See the flyer on page 12 for more information on the rides and contact information for Elisha Bishop.